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Frequently Asked Question!

Are the filters disposable?

The aluminum filter frame is permanent. The filter material that is placed into the frame is disposable.

How do I know which way to insert my refills ?

The Biosponge and Biosponge Plus material has a writing across one side of the filter, this will be facing you when you place the material into the frame.  The pleated refills,(Microsponge, BioPleat, or PurePleat) will have the wire backing against the mesh of the frame, and the white pleat is facing you.

What is a MERV rating?

MERV stands for the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, and is a measure of a filter's worst-case   efficiency performance. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter.

The electrostatically charged screen has become dirty and I would like to know what cleaning solution (409, Clorox, etc.) I can clean the screen without disturbing its purpose. Also, can I take a brush to it with the solution?

You can use any household cleaner, like 409, or Fantastic.  Just spray on, let it sit 5 minutes, and hose it off.  You can also lightly brush it if necessary.

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