Custom Fit Frame with BioSponge® Filters


This includes a CustomFit Frame for your first setup (every purchase after just requires the filter refills)

  • Handmade frames to ensure the filter is a perfect fit
  • 100% of the air moving through your AC gets filtered (standard filters do not)
  • Cheaper than buying standard filters every month
  • This filter removes pet dander, mold and even bacteria! (Our MERV 14 MicroSponge)
  • Eco-Friendly. Unlike standard filters, these have zero cardboard waste
  • Breathe better, sleep better, feel better!


Bio Sponge (Good Air Quality) Technical details:

Aegis germ-fighting technology
Thickness: 3/4″
Replace every: 30 to 60 days

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This is a first-time setup and it includes a CustomFit aluminum frame. After your setup, you’ll only need to purchase the CustomFit filter refills since the frame has been installed.

A custom measured aluminum frame for your air conditioner’s filter is the only way to ensure your filter is at 100% efficiency. Cardboard an plastic frames bend and warp, aluminum stays rigid and keeps a tight seal around your filters. This means your AC will only pull air in that is 100% filtered and keep your AC healthier for longer!

Have you measured your opening for your Custom Fit Filter Frame? 

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