Custom Fit Frame with MicroSponge® Filters

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This includes a CustomFit Frame for your first setup (every purchase after just requires the filter refills)

  • Handmade frames to ensure the filter is a perfect fit
  • 100% of the air moving through your AC gets filtered (standard filters do not)
  • Cheaper than buying standard filters every month
  • This filter removes pet dander, mold and even bacteria! (Our MERV 14 MicroSponge)
  • Eco-Friendly. Unlike standard filters, these have zero cardboard waste
  • Breathe better, sleep better, feel better!


MicroSponge (Best air quality) Technical details

MERV: 14
Thickness: 3/4″
Replace every: 90 days

Have you measured your opening according to our instructions? * 

This is a first-time setup. It includes a CustomFit aluminum frame. After your setup, you’ll only need to purchase the CustomFit filter refills since the frame has been installed. A custom measured aluminum frame for your air conditioner’s filter is the only way to ensure your filter is at 100% efficiency. Cardboard an plastic frames bend and warp, aluminum stays rigid and keeps a tight seal around your filters. This means your AC will only pull air in that is 100% filtered and keep your AC healthier for longer!

Customer Reviews

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Makes my life easier

I moved into a newer home. I had constant troubles with the filter sizes and coming out of place, my coils would be messed up with dust and animal hair. I would always have to check it and fix it. Someone through work recommended this to me. This eliminates all that..... custom fit and easy to change filters out. Way safer and better for your a/c and allergies.

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